Terry Lee Hale und Joseph Parsons

„Hale & Parsons - Songs and Stories“ Tour 2022 - Singer-Songwriter-Rock oberster Güteklasse

DAS hat es SO noch nicht gegeben: Terry Lee Hale und Joseph Parsons, zwei Ausnahme-Singer/Songwriter, teilen sich die Bühne zu zweit, spielen gemeinsam ihre jeweiligen Songs und erzählen Geschichten aus ihren Leben.

Die Tournee wird verschoben. Ein Ersatztermin wird bekannt gegeben.

Hale & Parsons February German Tour Cancelation Bulletin
Dear friends, fans and music lovers,
I am sure it will not surprise anyone to hear that we must cancel the Hale & Parsons upcoming February tour. We waited until the last possible moment before deciding but it is clear now that there are too many potential dangers lurking for our audience and for us as the performers. The scheduled first show was to be February 10, 2022.
This decision was not taken lightly. Christian Böhm, our booking agent, worked hard and long to put together what looked to be a great tour. Joseph and I deeply appreciate all of his efforts as well as the trust and support of the venues in booking our act. Folks were really excited about Joseph and I working together again, and it promised to be a fun and interesting evening of song and story.
Joseph does have a band Fall 2022 tour being booked now and a new record to share as well. I also have an early September 2022 tour supporting the release of my new record. The release date on Glitterhouse Records will be September 2, 2022. I will be accompanied by Žiga Golob on contra bass.
Of course, we can only hope that by next fall the whole world will be a much safer, healthier place. Especially for live music! Joseph, Christian and I send out our heartfelt thanks to you all for the positive energy you’ve shared with us over the past 2+ years. Hang in there friends. We’ll get this live music beat cranked up again better than ever.
We’re not going away either. Count on it!
Terry Lee Hale
Joseph Parsons
Christian Böhm
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