Joseph Parsons Band

Songwriter Rock - Vorprogramm: The End Of America

Leider muss das Konzert aus bekannten Gründen erneut abgesagt werden und hoffen, dass wir bald einen Nachholtermin anbieten können. Erworbene Tickets behalten ihre Gültigkeit oder können zurückgetauscht werden.

Hier Joseph´s Begründung der Tourabsage:

From Joseph
It is with a sad heart and profound frustration that we must cancel our Joseph Parsons Band October tour in Germany & Denmark.
The risks are too great for our fans, supporters and our families. The internal decision has been hard but not nearly as hard as the struggle those we know who have gotten this terrible virus. And for those who’ve died, the ruin in their families. For all of this, it begs the question: Could this possibly be worth the risks? I’ve been a risk taker my whole life. All of us are who have this calling. But this is different. This feels selfish if I were to push through this tour. I need to make a living, but at what and at who’s cost?
Live performances will return for us all one day. And it will be free of masks and fear of being near and/or hugging our extended families on the road. How awful has this been. This is no time to take undue risks. It is a time to protect each other. Especially those of us with kids. Since we do not know the long term effects of Covid19, I think we need to do whatever we can to protect our kids from this virus.
Sadly, we will have to make up this tour at a later date when possible.
The decision to cancel this tour is a difficult and multi layered one. Here is my ‘do' and ‘don’t' tour reasoning. I think it only fair you know how my brain works.
To Tour:
If we do the tour and any one of the band or support gets sick - it just happened to a band I know - the entire tour is over. And if a fan gets sick (or worse!) because of us having a concert and asking folks to come hear us, that would be forever devastating for me and the band.
Additionally, we are not a rich band, one that has built up resources that can weather the blows and still support our families and crews. For us it means a financial disaster: quarantine for the rest of the band, hotel costs, food, cancelled and new exorbitant flight costs, tour bus rental fees, lost salaries, venue & booking fees, promoter & staff losses, lost merchandise & promotion costs.
And what may seem trivial with all of that - but means the world to me - is: Instead of a wonderful memory of a great concert or tour, there would be a terrible feeling with this memory attached to it. Forever.
To NOT Tour:
The Band(s), Agent & Promoters would take a terrible hit - so much time, energy & love go into putting on tours and shows at our level. People are not doing this just for the money but the love of bringing us all together, the music and bringing something wonderful to their part of the world. The fans and the band would not have a chance to see each other for an additional long, long time if we don’t tour. Some of the sponsored venues would be able to absorb the hit. But for the smaller clubs & organizations or private ones, it could cost dearly.
My deepest apologies to all the fans, agents & promoters who’ve planned and worked so hard to make the tours happen. Again.
Joseph, Sven, Ross & Freddi
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